Friday, August 5, 2011

Alone in Dhahran

Well, summer is here, Ramadan has begun, and Momma and Baby Gnome have returned to the States for the month of August. This is tough for Papa Gnome, but summers here are tough enough for the adults, but they REALLY weigh on the children. At the end of the school year, basically every expat with children sends them back to their motherlands for the summer... sounds glorious, but it is tough. Baby Gnome (who will probably demand to be called 'Big Girl Gnome' soon), outlasted the Academy children, the ARAMCO children, and the consulate kids and was quickly going stir crazy as the last blond hair, blue eyed child in the Eastern Province. So it is worth the grueling 24 hours of travel, not to mention all the family she gets to impress with her new vocabulary and ability to go to the big girl potty... well, most of the time.
Meanwhile, Papa Gnome gets to endure Ramadan... in Saudi Arabia... in August... alone. Miss you already Momma and Baby!


  1. Being a geographic bachelor is never fun (at least that is what Paddy Fun Fact tells me). JoJo says hello. Hope you get to see Momma and Baby soon. And great job with the Big Girl Potty!

  2. OMG, what an amazing adventure you're all on! I just discovered your blog today. I am an American with an MA in Near Eastern studies, so you're living something I have contemplated in my daydreams at times. Hope you'll all be back together soon! Come visit me at "The Beauty of Eclecticism" (

  3. please please update your blog!!! I miss you and want to catch up on Syd and baby gnome #2!